Infrared Vein Finder


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Vein Finder Features
The VS400 Vein Finder / Locator displays the superficial veins on the surface of the patient's skin in real time using near-infrared technology. The VS400 has multiple visualization modes and there are multiple parameters that can be adjusted by the user to compensate for differences in patient complexion (or user preference) by changing to one of the five available display colors. In addition, the user can select from three different image sizes (full, 2/3, and 1/2), a feature that is useful when going from a pediatric patient to an adult, or when a procedure is focused on one blood vessel. This unit features many helpful adjustments, including the adjustable brightness feature, when medical office environment makes adjustment necessary.


 "Near-Infrared" Technology
 The VS400 Vein Locator uses Near-Infrared Light Technology to project a patient's veins on the surface of their skin in real-time and the medical professional can use the VS400 for up to 300 minutes per charge (5 hours), which sets the benchmark for duration of use for a product of this kind - it impossible for other competitors to reach. This instrument is best used at a distance of 200mm from the skin surface and it may be operated as a handheld device or the medical professional may use the suspension stand for assistance. For these reasons, vein visualization technology used by VeinSight VeinFinder has been highly recommended by the Infusion Nurses Society.

Phlebotomy | Comfort

Our Vein Finder can help healthcare professionals with routine phlebotomy / venipuncture prcedures, especially when dealing with patients that lack the ideal vascular appearance. With its near-infrared technology, the Vein Locator helps experienced phlebotomy students and experienced healthcare professionals locate the ideal superficial vein for venipuncture with ease, making the process much more efficient, accurate, and comfortable for the patient.


Cosmetic Procedures | Results

For plastic surgeons or other medical professionals that perform elective / cosmetic procedures, particularly those involving injections on the face and scalp, it is essential that the practitioner  can locate veins with extreme accuracy, minimizing the risk of bruising, reducing the possibility of migration of the injected fluids, and producing results that your patients will be talking about.


Vein Surgery | Precision

Vascular Procedures / Treatments require surgical precision and the Vein Locator can help even the most experienced vascular surgeon. During the vascular treatment, the VeinSight vein finder can help assessand identify deeper feeder veins, and helps to have a effective spider veins treatment, while reducing the risk of complications and decreasing recovery time due to the increased accuracy provided by our Vein Finders Near-Infrared Technology.