VioScan® Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner


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Benefits of Ultrasound Bladder Scanners
Bladder scanners use ultrasound technology to provide medical professionals with a non-invasive method to analyze bladder function, detect urine retention (to determine whether catheterization is appropriate), assess prostatic symptoms during routine examination of older male patients, and for the diagnosis and/or evaluation of many other conditions and symptoms.

VioScan® - Portable Bladder Scanner
The VioScan ® is a portable, non-invasive ultrasound bladder scanning device. The Vioscan® provides a patented algorithm to measure and determine bladder volume and the need for catheterization. The VioScan® features real time imaging and accurate volume measurement with an easy positioned hand-held probe. A high definition color screen and built in strip chart recorder are standard. The VioScan® offers cost saving benefits in Urology, Gynecology, General Surgery, ICU, Emergency Medicine, and Nursing Home Facilities.


What's Included?
If you order the Medical VioScan® Bladder Scanner from Outpatient Supply, we will ship your VioScan® the same day and each order includes: the VioScan® Bladder Scanner Unit, (1) 2.6mHz Probe, (2) Rechargable Batteries, (1) Power Adapter, (1) Power Charger, (1) Travel Case, Operating Manual, and a One Year Warranty. You will always receive a highly competitive price and great customer service from our experienced sales professionals.
VioScan® Portable Bladder Scanner - Features:
The VioScan® Portable Bladder Scanner has many unique features, but the 8.4" High Definition (HD) Color Screen is an extremely useful, as it allows the medical practitioner to guide the hand-held probe to the appropriate location by using the crystal clear ultrasound image displayed on the VioScan's screen. While this device is designed for medical professionals, the intuitive user interface has a simplified, user-friendly design that anyone (in the medical field) can use with ease. The easy to position, hand-held, 2.6MHz ultrasound probe provides clear and reliable images for purposes of evaluation and diagnosis.
The VioScan® Portable Bladder Scanner can be brought directly to the patient due to its lightweight, portable design and internal power source. Weighing only 6lbs, the VioScan® can be carried with ease, but if your medical staff will be transporting the VioScan® between examination rooms multiple times per day, we highly recommend adding the optional rolling cart to reduce setup time between each use. In normal conditions, the medical practitioner can expect four hours of continuous use on a single charge of the rechargeable battery (two batteries includes, with AC adapter / charger).
The VioScan® Portable Bladder Scanner has specific settings for male, female, and pediatric patients, which provides greater accuracy during ultrasound scans. Despite its compact design, the VioScan Bladder Scanner's internal memory / data capacity is capable of storing ultrasound results from 100 patients / scans. This feature is extremely important when findings require further evaluation or analysis.