Portable Multi-Output Veterinary Anesthesia Hospital Operating Machine Equipment


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  • CE approved portable anesthesia machine
  • It’s a compact and lightweight device that can be transported by pull-rod case. It can be put on the table and assembled on the trolley.
  • Jackson or Bain’s absorber is available
  • Specifically designed to accommodate a low flow
  • Select tec bar where you can make a quick change to the vaporizer mounting device.
  • Professional airtight breathing circuit design provides the stable a gas anesthesia.
  • Save on anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a clean operating room and laboratory environment. 
  • It has an external and reusable soda lime canister. It is easily watched, and it is also fast to replace the soda lime.
  • With the oxygen flush function, you can ensure that the clinical anesthesia and Oxygen supply demand is on check. 
  • With an APL pressure, you can reduce the valve to prevent pressure to hurt the animal and therefore ensure the animals safety. 
  • Wastewater discharge system
  • Visible inspiration and expiration valve
  • Could upgrade to Oxygen & N2O or Oxygen air flow meter freely 
  • Module rack with polyester medical material with superior spray technology, high strength, and lightweight.
  • With its transport case, it makes it convenient to take and transport
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble all the components. It is also convenient to clean and maintain.


This Multi-Output Anesthesia Machine is our most advanced system and offers a highly efficient, and precise gas flow that is easy to use. Its support it not only upgrades to a super clinical field but it also becomes applicable for anesthesiology, gynecology and obstetrics, stomatology, emergency and veterinary department. It gives a safe, accurate and convenient support to combine the application which it will assist you with a fast response to care for the life of a patient.


  • Ventilation mode: Closed, half-closed, half-open
  • Tidal volume( Manual Mode): 10~2000ml
  • Gas pressure: 0.25~0.65Mpa
  • Flow meter: Oxygen two tube: one tube:0.1~1, one tube:1~10L/M
  • APL valve: 0.5~6.0Kpa
  • OXYGEN Flush: 25~75L/min
  • I:E: As the doctor operation
  • BPM: As the doctor operation
  • Monitoring: Airway pressure, respiratory mode.
  • Three gauges: 

       - One for Oxygen source pressure

       - One for oxygen working pressure

       - One for airway pressure

  • Application: Adult and Pediatric (3kg over)

Concentration Range:


  • Enflurane 0.2 to 5%          
  • Isoflurane 0.2 to 5%
  • Halothane 0.2 to 5%
  • Sevoflurane 0.2 to 8%

Flow Range:

  • 0.2 to 15L/min
  • 0.2 to 10L/min (normal usage) for concentrations>5 vol%
  • Filling volume for an agent:
  • About 340ml with dry wick
  • About 300 ml with a moist wick

Mounting Type:

  • Select a technology that is compatible
  • Draeger plugin 
  • Cage mount (ISO 23mm tapers)
  • Cage mount with interlock 

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