Handheld Ultrasound V2


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  • iPhone, Android, PC, Tablet Compatible
  • Adjustable frequency probe
  • EHN image enhancement (0-5 level)
  • Speckle reduction technology
  • Wireless connectivity, easy to operate
  • Built-in and rechargeable battery
  • Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication, printing



 This is a wireless Ultrasound array probe scanner. This wireless probe with integrated ultrasound circuit board inside, can connect to the iPhone, iPad and android based smartphones or computers.

The older versions of Ultrasound machines used to be confined to clunky computers that had to be carted around. Advanced digital imaging and portability makes the V2 probe easier to move and carry. Just like a smartphone, light and easy to handle, the V2 is a new kind of Ultrasound making its way into the pockets of health care providers  around the world.

The ability to detect problems such as fluid around the heart, nerve blocks, heart attacks, or to determine why a patients heart valve is not working in minutes instead of an hour is essential.  Those minutes can determine the difference between life and death.

Technical Specifications:

- Scanning system: Array sweep
- Frequency: Convex array 3.5MHz/5MHz
- Linear array 7MHZ/10MHz
- Depth: 240mm, Adjustable
- Screen: Smart phone, tablet, PC
- Supporting system: Apple MacOS, Windows, Android, Tablet
- Display mode: B, B/B, B/M
- Image gray scale: 256 level
- Pseudo color: 8 kinds
- Image Storage: Using intelligent terminal customers to use (mobile phones, Tablet PC)
- Measure: distance, area, obstetrics and other;
- Power: USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
- Battery working time: 3 hours
- Power consumption: 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze)
- Size:104 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
- Weight: 308 grams

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