Disposable Medical Single Channel Blood Pressure Transducer


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  • It is light weighted
  • This dispensable circulatory strain transducer is intended to give predictable and precise readings of pulse estimations
  • The transducer is provided non-sterile however can be sanitized utilizing ethylene oxide (ETO) gas


Dispensable IBP circulatory strain transducer are connected to continuous dynamic screen the obtrusive pulse of body, such as arterial weight, focal venous pressure, pulmonary blood vessel weight and left coronary blood vessel pressure, and exchange the steady powerful weight flag to the checking framework of dealing with in this manner the physiological parameter of constant dynamic blood pressure, which provides the target confirm for clinical determination, treatment and visualization gauge of infections.


  • Material: Medical Polymer Materials
  • Type: Pipe, Drainage Tubes & Containers
  • Model Number: ACEM1-3-242
  • Product Name: Single Channel Blood Pressure Transducer
  • Package: 1pcs/package
  • Certificate: CE ISO FDA

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