Desktop Portable Professional ENT Diagnosis Station/ENT


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Direct Ophthalmoscope

  • It has 29 different types of diopters from -35D to +40D
  • 5 Filters
  • You will able to do noninvasive diabetes testing where you can check the cornea for hyperopia or many other eye pathologies.

ENT Inspector

  • Invention Patent
  • Utility Model Patent
  • It has a special locker for loading and unloading the tongue depressor
  • Wood and PC disposable depressor
  • Otoscope
  • It has a magnifying glass can enlarge five times.
  • It also has a 360°circular fiber or halogen bulb lighting system
  • Its lens has a spinlock design where its casing loads and unloads in a very simple fashion When its done with caution.
  • There are three sizes available for the disposable ear specula
  • Ear Thermometer
  • One touch: fast and accurate result within seconds
  • It has a three-color backlight which provides a fever indicator and an over-range warning
  • It also has a memory capacity of up to 10 results
  • It has an automatic probe to cover ejection and detection

  • It operates on a temperature of: +5°C- +40°C
  • Blood pressure:31-255mmHg(4.1-34kPa)
  • Pulse:40-199times/min
  • Accuracy: Pressure: ±3mmHg/±0.1kPa
  • Pulse: ±5%
  • Battery: 4 pieces 1.5V AAA battery, can use external power supply


  • Brand: KITALEXA
  • Model NO. KA-ET00054
  • Certifications: CE, ISO


  1. Feature: Its integrated design makes job efficiently.
  2. It can be used at a: general hospital, community health and service center, general clinic.
  3. The ENT devices have a battery inside; they can be taken out for daily clinical rounds. The station has a fast charger inside with 2 hours of charge time which it will last for seven days.
  4. The ophthalmoscope and otoscope are made in Germany, and the handles and light have a patented design, which can be adjusted with a single hand operation.

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