Video Laryngoscope V1


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Slim Blade: The super slim blade profile improves access in
smaller mouth openings and reduces dental damage making it safer
for patient use.

Portable/USB Re-Chargeable: The compact, cable-free
device is ready when you need it. Avoid the awkward hassle of
cord-abound traditional video laryngoscopes.

Cost-effective: The surprisingly affordable system uses disposable
plastic covers/sheathes, 10 Included with order.

Camera/Memory: Inline camera provides video imaging while
keeping direct laryngoscopy techniques. With 4 GB memory, you
can video record the laryngoscopy and take pictures which can be
stored in patients charts for future reference.

Connectivity: USB Cable and AV Out cable, allows for
connecting to bigger monitors/screens

Video angle: 180 angle rotatable display monitor make it
convenient to watch in multiple angles.

Usage: Used during performing anesthesia. Examining vocal cord
or oropharynx. It can also be used to confirm endotracheal tube placement, remove foreign objects in the pharynx, and collect tissue samples (biopsy).


The video laryngoscope combines the technology of video with the technique of direct laryngoscopy. Priced to be used every day, the video laryngoscope keeps you ready for the unexpected. The video laryngoscope helps you identify and respond to unpredicted difficult airway cases faster with fewer attempts, and confirm intubation success sooner with greater confidence. Inline camera provides video imaging while keeping direct laryngoscopy techniques. And with 180 degree rotatable 3” display monitor it is convenient to watch in multiple angles. Easy to watch the procedures in big screen monitors using USB cable and AV output cable. Physicians can record videos and pictures on a 4gb memory card which will be useful to save patients airway anatomy for future reference. With this light weight device, you can perform procedures such as intubation for anesthesia/surgeries, removing foreign object from the throat, collect tissue samples (biopsy), examine the vocal cord for any irregularities and many more. It is compact and hassle free.


    • 3” rotatable screen
  • Before and after the rotation angle: 0-180 degree
  • Resolution: 960x480
  • Power: 12v
  • Voltage: 7.4v
  • Blade compatible: No. 3 adult
  • 10 Pieces of disposable blades with order
  • Charging: USB
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery; 1200mAh
  • 4 GB Memory Card
  • Weight: 180g.

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