Aidtronix USA Video Laryngoscope Portable intubation Kit + 10 Disposable Blades


The video laryngoscope combines the technology of video with the technique of direct laryngoscopy when there is a need to perform a procedure and when the respiratory tract is unexpectantly blocked and it is necessary in order to save the life of a patient.

Identify and respond to a unpredicted difficult procedure faster than ever with the outmost accuracy and speed, and perform a successful intubation with great confidence.



  • It has a display monitor which it can rotate in a 180-degree angle which is a very convenient feature due to the fact that you can view the procedure from multiple angles.
  • It can be used while performing anesthesia on a patient. It can also be used while examining vocal cords or larynx. It is also used to remove foreign objects from a patients throat, or to collect tissue samples (biopsy).
  • Used by anesthesiologists in surgical cases, Intensive care units, emergency settings, paramedics, EMT’s .


  • The super slim blade profile improves access in the smaller mouth openings and reduces dental damage making it safer for patient use.
  • The compact, cable-free device is ready when you need it. Avoid the awkward hassle of cord-abound traditional video laryngoscopes.
  • Resolution: 960x480


  • 10 Pieces of disposable blades with order
  • 4 GB Memory Card
  • USB Cable and AV Out cable, it would allow you to connect to a bigger monitor or screen.

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