The Solution Your Patients Have All Been Waiting For: The LithoPotency™ Handheld Lithotripter

Patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction already have a lot on their plate: the discomfort, the doctors’ visits, and the need for information on treatment.


We want your patients to be in the best of hands, to get the kind of treatment that they deserve from a facility that cares.


If your staff use our shockwave therapy machine, the LithoPotencyTM we know that’s exactly what they’ll get.


Effective, Painless, and Drug-free Care

Always providing machines that have been tested and re-tested because we put safety and efficacy first.

Medical facilities around the world can attest to our state-of-the-art shock therapy machine, and our reputation as a company that offers dependable, advanced equipment that lasts years and years, disruption-free.

How Does The LithoPotency™ Handheld Lithotripter Work?

Our machine consists of stimulating neovascularization in the corpus cavernosum and crus of the penis. Its moveable power span and multiple applicators allow the device to work with patients diagnosed with:

  • CPPS
  • IPP

Even more impressive, our shockwave therapy device comes with a high-resolution LCD touchscreen, a multi-purpose, user-friendly foot pedal, and a productive, simple design that allows for easy positioning.

The Numbers Say it All

If numbers speak more to you than words, we are proud to tell you that our machine’s shockwave therapy has a proven, lasting success rate of up to 80 percent.

Moreover, patients whose ED can be traced to cardiovascular disease or a sensitivity or insensitivity to PDE5i can make that success rate even higher.

As of now. The LithoPotency™ Handheld Lithotripter is not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Have Any More Questions?

We would be honored to work with you, and our team is here for all your needs, to meet all your standards!

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