The Power of CO2 Monitors

David Johnson

The Best of the Best: CO2 Monitors Edition


Testing and re-testing each product, our team of professionals with a passion for patient care ensure that all our machines and equipment will match the standard of medical facilities all over the world.


That includes yours.


We have our CO2 monitors saving lives in many countries, given each one’s ability to report accurate data— for both intubated and non-intubated patients— as well as being easy to use so that data is right at your facility’s fingertips.


We Know You Want to Know More


Our CO2 monitor has a name: the Cleo.


Our Cleo provides advanced care through spot-check and bedside monitoring, and a field upgradable plug-in module, ensuring versatility and adaptability.


Beyond that, the Cleo is all the following:


  • Convenient: Our Cleo is both potently portable and user-friendly due to its touch screen with a secure and trouble-free interface, as well as compatibility with mounting solutions like rolling stands, IV poles and wall mounts. Did we mention the Cleo weighs less than three pounds?
  • Advantageous: We know how much it costs to run a medical practice— a lot. So, we want to ensure that our prices are worth it. Not only are our machines cheaper than all others in the industry, but also the Cleo’s non-proprietary sample lines allow low costs per patient.


Let’s Chat!


If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, give us a call— our staff of production specialists will be happy to answer them all!

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