The Capnography SpO2 NIBP Monitor You’ve Been Dreaming Of

David Johnson

The Capnography SpO2 NIBP Monitor You’ve Been Craving

Here at we listen. We know you want high performance but without sacrificing reliability or adaptability. That is why we’ve brought to you The Cleo, a revolutionary capnography monitor that will add productivity and professionalism to any lab, hospital, clinic, or realm where monitoring systems are integral.

Check out Cleo’s perks:

  • Easy handling— the user experience is a vital experience and Cleo captures it with none other than a bright color, five-inch touch screen along with an effortless interface
  • Convenience— The Cleo is the most portable devices you’ll work with, weighing less than three pounds and easily usable with IV poles, rolling stands and any other mounting needs
  • Flexibility— The Cleo is easily composed to allow for a plethora of vital sign combinations whether it be respiratory needs, pain management, dental sedation or any minor procedures
  • Low Cost-Per-Patient— you read that right! Save money with Cleo’s non-proprietary sample lines that easily make it the lowest cost-per-patient capnograph in the industry!
  • Long Life— The Cleo is here to stay! Our machine comes with a lithium battery, meaning it can operate for hours and hours without interruption Special Mark

We want you to remember us.

We want you to know how much we truly care about patients and about medical professionals having the right tools they need to make a difference in this world.

So, let us help by providing you with a state-of-the-art capnography SpO2 monitor that does wonders for efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, offering reliable results.

And let us wow you with our customer service and same-day shipping. We have put together a team— a family— rife with talent, expertise, and extensive skill— and they are more than happy to offer technical support and advice for any inquiry or service you have!

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