ECG and EKG for Your Practice

The ECG Monitoring System You’ve Always Wanted


Medical professionals work hard every day to save lives, provide care and make a difference in the world.


Here at we want to help! Your facility deserves to be stocked with reliable, state-of-the-art technology that optimizes your medical team’s expertise. Your facility, therefore, deserves our ECG monitoring system that is ahead of the game when it comes to innovative patient care you can trust.


Our monitoring system is known as the QRS-12, and it’s an electrocardiograph that is both simple to use and efficacious. Its ability to make your facility top notch on the technological side of things will allow your medical team to then focus on what matters: the high-quality care.


Built as a Perfect Fit for You listens to the industry’s needs and we’ve made monitoring equipment that allows medical professionals to do their work without worrying about the devices they use. Our QRS-12 is your perfect fit because:


  • User-friendly: QRS-12 has a high-resolution, nine-inch touch screen that collaborates well with its alphanumeric keypad that uses shortcut keys that save time whenever your staff needs to make fast changes with a patient’s information or current condition. Simple, easy and adaptable, it’s ready to go on the go!
  • Valid: This electrocardiograph leaves no room for error. With specific age and gender validity, the QRS-12 measures ECG interpretation with maximum accuracy.
  • Multi-purpose: Don’t we all love a win-win-win situation? Look no further than our QRS-12 as it provides a multitude of services for your staff when it comes to patient data. Save, store, print or transfer information without any hassle!
  • Time and money saver: Equipped with a long-life lithium ion battery, this machine can go on for hours without disruption, saving you money, time, and lives in the long run.

Sound like something you’re interested in, but not quite sure?

Give us a call here at today!

We want to talk with you one on one and offer advice, support and information for any questions you may have on the QRS-12. Our professionals are here to put your mind at ease and give you the same quality support you give to patients!

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