Affordable Video Intubation Technology

The Video Laryngoscope Intubation Equipment That You Can Afford and That Your Patients Need


There is nothing like providing your patients with what they deserve: top of the line equipment and care. Better yet, there’s nothing like providing the kind of equipment that your doctors love using, that your accountants can feel rest-assured it won’t be a financial burden to your facility.


We at know we have just the kind of video laryngoscope intubation that matches all the criteria, ticks all the boxes. Streamlined, ergonomic, user-friendly and portable, our ClearVue machine is indelibly engineered for greatness.


Built to Last— to Make a Difference


The medical field can only grow and bear fruit if the choices facilities make reflect their mission and values. These values should be putting the patient first, and allowing for an atmosphere where treatment is not delayed, inhibited or misunderstood.


That is why we built our device to provide speedy, accurate, clear and efficient results given these following complication-free features:


  • 0 megapixel camera topped with anti-fog lens for clear view
  • 5 inch, high-resolution, innovative screen with anti-shatter protection
  • Durable, long-lasting lithium battery (rechargeable)
  • Quick shot camera for easy, streamlined results
  • Sustainable due to reusable and disposable blades with up to 1,000 time use


Give us a Call isn’t here for a business transaction. We want to serve as your partner, your supporter and care provider, just like your facility does for its patients. Let’s work together with easy communication, access to information and guaranteed full-time support!

So, give our team of professionals a call so we can share just how exactly we can serve your community! Or, give us a call to hear about our other state-of-the-art products. Either way, we are here.

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